The careNext Manifesto

careNext Manifesto Team

The careNext Manifesto


How we create a better careSumer for the future:

careNext believes the “visit” is the most important moment in healthcare and the only real measure of a successful care transaction.

careNext believes removing the adversarial approach to care delivery is paramount to its future viability.

careNext believes its mission is to guide “careSumers” (consumers of care) to the most appropriate healthcare provider whenever they need it, wherever they need it.

careNext believes there are two types of patients: current patients and future patients, both being careSumers.

careNext believes that credible care should not come with a cost and will never accept compensation that influences ratings.

careNext believes that in order to promote the careSumers and providers, a unique set of care-related tools need to be created and available.

careNext believes careSumers and providers should be rewarded for doing a good job and paid for their participation with careNext.

careNext believes a common definition for a successful “visit” is needed.

careNext believes only careSumers and providers can fix healthcare.