careNext’s mission is to guide “careSumers” (consumers of care) to the most appropriate healthcare provider whenever they need it, wherever they need it. careNext was formed to be a provider’s ally and to let your work stand on its own. Our Doc360°scores are Provider grades aggregated from multiple sources and consolidated into single “true” grade so careSumers feel confident that it accurately reflects the actual value that the provider brings to the patient’s experience during the single most important interaction in healthcare—the visit between the patient and provider.

careNext Practice Management

Our experienced professionals provide administrative and managerial leadership to physician practices. We assist clients with developing and maintaining an efficient medical practice with high-level performance in a complex operating environment. Our medical practice advisory services allow medical practices to leverage our deep knowledge of the industry while promoting an environment focused on the delivery of high-value clinical care through superior operational performance.


careNextVault is careNext’s digital consumer platform that removes the headaches from the healthcare visit and distills it down to its most important elements. careNextVault delivers a healthcare “easy button” while offering a great opportunity to minimize costs per visit and benefit providers. Within careNextVault, the patient will be able to enter their intake data and other personal healthcare information, including their WIQ Score, for safe and secure storage. By providing easily accessible information for patients and providers, we save both time and costs.


Bringing our solution full circle by specifically capturing the value of time during the patient visit. Introduced initially in the ER setting, this tablet-based application provides real-time procedure or immediate communication back to the patient to create measurable “delivery of care expectations” that can be tracked throughout the visit, allowing both patients and providers to work towards the same time as a value goal. At the conclusion of the visit, the patient completes a 10-question satisfaction survey; responses are posted immediately to the provider prior to the patient discharge, allowing for the possible further clarification of answers and the active management of patient perceptions. The real-time nature of our PRIM score produces a critical multiplier within careNextER, offering a “closed-loop” approach to the patient perception of service conundrum.

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