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The healthcare industry is poised for a major disruption.

Many companies claim the role of the “disruptor,” but often they quickly become part of the problem they’re trying to solve. As an insider, they then become beholden to the very system they shout they will disrupt.

That’s where we come in.

careNext was established and specifically designed to change healthcare from the “outside in.” Led by some of the brightest executive healthcare and clinical minds in the industry, careNext has designed a holistic solution that links the provider and the care consumer in a way that ensures genuine mutual benefits and creates an additional dimension of value. We empower the consumer by facilitating the use of a shared, value-based standard that maximizes the single most important aspect of healthcare: the patient visit. Our goal is not necessarily to change the system, but to create a better consumer for future healthcare and provide them the tools and knowledge to be the catalyst for change.

careNext is introducing an accessible, mutually agreed-upon definition of what constitutes a “successful visit” that fully addresses the needs of both the changing consumer and their providers. careNext’s careNextVault and careNextER solutions, part of the careNextGen Suite of care process tools, enable actionable insights for a better provider and a more informed care consumer. Together, from the “outside-in”, we can now bridge the gap of the expectations during the visit, the single interaction in healthcare that truly counts.

careNext was established and specifically designed to change healthcare from the “outside in.” Led by some of the brightest executive...

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Meet the Leadership Team

careNext is lead by a seasoned management team, with over 25 years of startup C-Suite experience. It includes active ER professionals with over 100 years of healthcare experience.

  • CEO
    Ron Morales

    “I started this company when I realized patients and providers are not on the same page when It comes to...

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  • President, COO
    Roger Cheek

    “I have a fundamental belief that the current system will not work for the new care consumers of today. The...

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  • CGO
    Mark Ciamarra

    “It’s no secret that healthcare is broken. I want to play a small part in ensuring that the next-gen of...

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  • CTO
    Kyle Gerstner

    “Healthcare delivery has not fundamentally changed for 2000 years.  If someone is sick, they need someone to cure them! The...

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  • CMO
    Phillip Johnson

    Dr. Johnson has been an emergency physician for 26 years. He has served as President of White Mountain Emergency Physicians...

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  • General Counsel
    Mark Garsombke

    “careNext is transforming healthcare. Shifting the focus of healthcare where it should be – on the consumer. Giving consumers back...

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Meet the Advisory Board

Our advisory board encompasses seasoned industry and clinical innovators, focused on an outside-in approach to transforming the future of healthcare.

    Gregg Allen

    Dr. Allen’s success in the healthcare industry spans from his time as a board-certified family physician, and emergency room physician...

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  • MD, Advisor
    David Nash

    Dr. Nash, a board-certified Internist, is recognized for his work in public accountability for outcomes, physician leadership development & quality-of-care...

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  • MD, Advisor
    Gregg Davis

    Dr. Davis sits as Chief Medical Officer for Illinois Rural Community Care Organization, LLC,. He was Medical Director for the...

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  • Advisor
    Bridgette McGrath

    Bridgette has been a Registered Nurse for the past 27 years with 20 years of business experience in healthcare administration...

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  • Advisor
    Ron Howrigon

    As President & CEO of Fulcrum Strategies, Ron manages a consulting firm that represents physician practices in their dealings with...

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  • Advisor
    Joe Busky

    Joseph M. Busky currently serves as CFO of Ortho Clinical Diagnostics. Prior to that, he served as EVP and Chief...

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