Doc360 is a unique provider grading site that provides an unfiltered true provider score that is both statistically significant and stripped of paid promotion.

We use the government’s NPI registry as a data source. While their rules prohibit an individual from having two NPI numbers, there are a handful of providers who have been assigned a second NPI. Those individuals will appear as two individuals in our database.

Doc360 does not ask nor accept monetary compensation from providers or any provider entity to enhance their ranking or care consumers to use the site. Much like a test grade, each provider must earn their score by being essentially tested during each patient visit.

Doc360 houses every Provider in America with an active National Provider Identifier (NPI) provided by CMS. Within that number Doc360 currently has 1.1 million doctors in our database with a Doc360 Grade, and that number increases daily. Overall, every provider in the US with an NPI—over 5 million—currently reside in our database.

careNext extracts data from multiple sources and runs the data through an algorithm. This creates volume which makes the ratings statistically significant and produces a truer representation of the value your care provider offers.

Because our site is designed to be a quantitative evaluation of the doctor, we wanted to remove the subjectivity and keep a consistent baseline of scores. Additionally, unlike other sites, we do not moderate the site and prefer not to remove grades based on the tone of the comment.

We will only accept advertising from companies that are not affiliated with any doctors. This includes hospitals, health systems, or practices. We do not accept any compensation that influences scores.

The site is not designed to accept ratings. The ratings are gleaned from multiple sites that collectively make the scores more statistically significant.

No. Scores only are provided, and no comments are allowed. We do not delete low scores as some sites do, therefore there is no need for moderation.

Not all doctors have had patients provide a rating.

A careNext certified doctor is a designation used for top-rated doctors who have organically earned high ratings via careNext’s closed-loop system driven by the use of careNext’s Patient Relationship Intelligence Matrix (PRIM) Score. The certification comes from confirming that no payment has been exchanged at other sites to artificially promote or boost their page position as well as obtaining attested and real-time satisfaction ratings at the point of care via the PRIM Score.

We have an algorithm that basically “level sets” all providers’ scores so each is working from a similar baseline. Unfortunately, we cannot determine all the doctors who have artificially inflated their ratings, but we can take into account that a certain percent “game” the rating system and revise scores to take that into account.

No, the scores are blindly aggregated so we would have not known where the low scores originated.

careNext has over 50 specialties represented on the Doc360 site. You should be able to find a specific specialty simply by typing that specialty into the search bar.

No, the site is aggregated data from multiple sources to create volume and statistically significant scores.

No, doctors are added if they have a National Provider Identifier (NPI) number. The market will ultimately vet the doctor via a credible grading system.

No, Doc360 is a site dedicated to truthful and credible ratings. These ratings can be used to guide you in your search for better care. We will provide the contact information for the provider.

No, our policy is to remain agnostic in offering providers. Therefore, we will not promote one doctor over another via paid promotion.

The site is designed to aggregate multiple scores from multiple sources. In order to ensure the integrity of the site, we do not accept narrative comments.

careNext saw an opportunity to improve the current rating system, all the other sites leave themselves open to all types of gaming the ratings by various parties. We believe your health and the health of your loved ones is too important to be left to sites that improperly influence unearned ratings.

That information is collected from a variety of publicly available sources, including the National Provider Identifier Registry, a government directory of all active providers in the country. If it is incorrect, please contact careNext and we will correct and update the information.

In order to provide a level playing field for all providers, Doc360 created an algorithm that considers all paid promotions, therefore the highest rating a doctor achieves is 4 stars. Going forward, continued positive ratings should boost those scores higher. Consider the provider being graded on a curve.

There are multiple ways to search: area, specialty, name, gender, scores, etc. Use the search box provided at the top of the page.

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